Why are these projects separated from the lectures?

The projects mentioned below have of course been part of a lecture, but the the course-tasks have been accomplished autonomously without the intruduction of new subject matter. Therefore the course instructors did not function as teachers, but rather as consultants and the students were given free hand in the realization of the projects and emphasis was put on the implementation side. So I've decided to give those projects a separate page.


GIS Project

The GIS Project was ment to be a "playground" for any kind of geoinformational problem / challenge and we were completely free to choose any topic with relation to geoinformatics. In a group of two we choose to work on a geodatabase to perform an accessibility analysis for the branches of an Austrian food supply company in Salzburg. All calculations have been performed within the database and a GIS is only used to display the data. Our main focus was put on the excessive use of Open Source Software, such as Quantum GIS, PostgreSQL or the pgRouting-plugin for PostGIS.

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Analysis & Modeling

The course 'Analysis & Modeling' was held as a seminar by Prof. Strobl and the seminar featured a wide range of possible topics and case studies. Either as single-work or in groups of two, we had to work on one of those topics and present our results at the end of the semester. Our group decided to work on 'precipitation interpolation with co-Kriging', a highly specialized and complex topic.

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